На днях вышла новая версия SAS Enterprise Guide 7.13. Что изменилось?

Всем привет.


Представляю краткий обзор изменений в SAS Enterprise Guide 7.13

Какие же изменения произошли?

А произошло следующее:

SAS Enterprise Guide 7.13 includes these new features:

  • The new DATA Step Debugger is a tool that enables you to find logic errors in a DATA step program. With the DATA Step Debugger, you can watch the variable values in a program change as the program runs. You can execute the program line by line, and you can also set specific breakpoints in the program.
  • You can now transfer files from your local computer to a SAS server or from a SAS server to your local computer by using the Copy Files task. The Copy Files task works in a similar way to an FTP application. However, this task relies on the SAS protocols to complete the file transfers and does not require an FTP server.
  • You can upload your existing SAS 9.4 data to SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) by using the new Upload to CAS task.
  • Starting with this release, the default graph format is PNG. Use the new Graph Format for Built-in Graph Tasks option to set the default format for the graph tasks, such as Bar Chart, Line Chart, and Pie Chart.
  • You can specify whether to continue executing a process flow if an error is encountered.
  • Server file navigation now defaults to your Documents folder on Windows servers. In addition, the file navigation now contains folder shortcuts.

Более подробно об этих изменения предлагаю посмотреть в видео:

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